Monthly Archives: August 2016

I’ve screwed up as usual. I’ve a feeling I’m not thinking logically. For instance, I keep thinking about how by 2040 India will run out of drinking water and how the US has the largest carbon footprint. Wouldn’t it be a humanitarian decision to not exist anymore?

What is existence if you’re not being productive to make sure that you’re creating more benefit than hurting humanity?

What if God created you to hurt the ones you love? What if you’re a test for others, helping determine their entrance to heaven by how much they endure struggling with your existence?

wouldnt it make sense to not exist anymore?

What if after all this time he was right – you are indeed a psychopath and you have to be institutionalized before you cause more pain?

Maybe I should check into a mental institution, maybe I should stop breathing.
What if you are so bad you’re beyond Gods mercy?

What if God has abandoned you?