Aurut by Muhammad Iqbal

Wujood-e-Zan Se Hai Tasveer-e-Kainat Mein Rang

The picture that this world presents from woman gets its tints and scents:
Issi Ke Saaz Se Hai Zindagi Ka Souz-e-Darun

She is the lyre that can impart pathos and warmth to human heart.
Sharaf Mein Barh Ke Sureya Se Musht-e-Khak Iss Ki

Her handful clay is superior far to Pleiades that so higher are
Ke Har Sharaf Hai Issi Durj Ka Dur-e-Makoon

For every man with knowledge vast, Like gem out of her cask is cast.
Makalat-e-Falatoon Na Likh Saki, Lekin

Like Plato can not hold discourse, Nor can with thunderous voice declaim:
Issi Ke Shole Se Toota Sharaar-e-Aflatoon

But Plato was a spark that broke from her fire that blazed like flame.

Translation from Allama Iqbal Poetry

Another translation for the first two lines:

It is the existence of the woman that gives the universe its colors. She is the leading instrument in the grand orchestra of life itself

My friend who is trying to get me to convert to full on Pakistani (compared to my current state of super Americanized Pakistani-American) sent me this on International Women’s Day.  I loved this quote and found the entire poem through a quick google search.


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