Privacy and Publicity

I’ve noticed most of my posts have been private, due to the fact that I’m still not comfortable with displaying my thoughts on the Internet so publicly. Anonymous blogs are easier to keep. Even though I am sure this blog has no chance of gaining any traffic, my superficial and not very well-thought out posts are something of an embarrassment to myself. I’m embarrassed with what I write, and what I think. The posts that are more well-thought out I keep private, since they aren’t the kind that I want anyone to think I think about anyway.

So here we are with a silly dilemma, I, someone who has no chance of making any headline (or more simply put the victim of an individual’s need to stalk me through social media) in any way, am afraid of being Googled.

My sister was the one who encouraged me to write under my real name. Was it a good idea to listen to her suggestion? People are really mean online, and there seems to be no limit to their rudeness.  Why should I display my thoughts so publicly in an arena filled with hate?

I guess another one of my problems is that my best thoughts seem to only occur when I do not have access to a computer, which over time slowly erode to the thoughts that are eventually publicly displayed on this blog.

Shall I continue or shall I give up?

I do have another post that I thought of this morning…


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